Herbs & honey is a social undertaking. It is a tea-shop restaurant founded in 2018 by a Swiss-Armenian in Gyumri who repatriated in 2018 to contribute to the development of Armenia. We sell in our shop more than 50 types of herbal teas developed by us, varieties of Armenian honey, spices, dried fruits, home-made crafted embroideries and ceramiks. In our restaurant we serve a large variety of vegetarian food, local meat based dishes, fine sandwiches and bruschettas, pizza, Armenian fine wine, a large variety of herbal teas, coffee, natural lemonades and detox cocktails
Inception Herbs & Honey’s inception goes back to 2012 where in Switzerland a few friends came together and started small scale projects to help populations affected by the mining industry in Armenia to develop honey and herbal teas to help them develop in a sustainable way. Then, the logical development was to found the Herbs & Honey tea-shop restaurant in Gyumri in 2018.
It is a sustainable market platform for the beneficiary families. It employs over 25 people on a daily basis and some 10 families benefit from its activities by supplying raw food. The company helps family businesses to produce and bring their goods to the market thus ensuring self-sufficiency. Today Herbs & Honey is a well-established and known brand.